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Artificial Intelligence

In Auto industry Team DevLP I-Serv have deployed Auto-scanners facilitating Abnormalities in Vehicles with sensir technology and Auto-estimating the change and repair requirements with required cost.

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DevLP I Serv Team have came up with latest Unit " SPNZ Technologies" to leverage "Block Chain" Methodology to track the unit contact value and performance threads for Manufacturing and Development teams.
There are units to capture work-thread and estimate latest trend forecast for various segments in workforce and volumetric segments

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Cloud - Team DevLP have hosted the latest technology software in Cloud Environment , to name "Zitrix" is the world-class workflow optimization tool , embedded with Machine Learning unit , Ecommerce, Web-optimizers, Application-merger's, Solution-optimizer are all products hosted over cloud.
We are ISO certified with Owned Data Centers with State-of-Art digital solutions for all sectors. (LADDO) We believe to Listen-Analyse-Design-Deliver-Optimise technique .

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Enhanced technology have demanded to design latest gadgets and to solve your solution of installation till recycle are taken care by our world class team based in United States and United Kingdom. Best-in-class support and installation support at your door steps with experienced Tech-gig's.

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IoT - We have been successful in designing the IoT and Sensor technology fusion , to provide our utilities and Warehouse partners "OTiS" Solution (One touch integrated Solution) that controls the light intensity of ware-houses per the mood of weather learned via IoT via our smart sensors
we are dedicated to explore more opportunities in IoT area and enhance the digital touch for you ! to deliver the best at optimised cost and enhaced technology

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Founders and Pillers of the Organization

Ret. Comm. P. A. Zilpe
Director - Advisory Board
Lata Zilpe
CEO and Chairman - Business
Seema Navalkar Zilpe
Director Strategy & Solutions
Shubhangi Zilpe
Direction Innovation & Research

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by Seema Nawalkar/ON June 13, 2015

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Internet of Things

by Lata Zilpe/ON October 18, 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects that use sensors and APIs to connect and exchange data over the Internet.Read More

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This firm was established by Mr. Pundlikrao Zilpe in year 1990, he is successfully heading the company, Licensed under the name of Mrs. Lata P Zilpe. This amalgamation lead to pin us as leader in construction sector.

DevLP I-Serv established in 2010 to lead into Technology sector and innovate concepts and bring-to-life for betterment of society